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Build a better photography collection by asking better questions

Overwhelmed by the fine art photography market?
Frustrated by the lack of transparency?
Worried about making costly mistakes?


Ask better questions, get better answers

(and build a better collection)

But where to start?  


Right here, my friend.  I’ve made a simple, one-page guide that will help you along your collecting journey.

If you’ve ever felt this way you are not alone. The experience of photography collectors is often very similar. You are greatly attracted by what you see offered, but unable to determine if you should buy it (or not.)  This decision paralysis is because you need information MORE than you need photographs! 

This free guide will give you the questions to ask so you get the information you need to collect wisely. 

It is geared towards both beginners and seasoned collectors alike. Because the quality of your collection depends on the questions you ask.


Get your better questions now so that you can confidently build a valuable photography collection that you absolutely love.

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