Janet Sirmon thrives on finding rare, hard-to-find pieces... and making sure her clients get access to them before anyone else! 

Providing a high level of personal attention to both museums and high-end collectors, her goal is to help clients build highly valuable, prestigious collections.

Two decades of examining and researching photographs makes Janet an expert on what makes a particular photograph extraordinary: that magic combination of print date, photographic processes (eg. salt prints, albumen prints, platinum prints, gravures), the special quirks of individual photographer's habits, signatures, mount boards, ink stamps used at various times in their career. This expertise allows her to quickly spot rare finds, and makes sure her clients are the first to know about them.

A note from Janet:

“My best friend since 8th grade once told me, “I bet you're really good at what you do because you're just so real.” And I like to keep it that way. I value transparency of information, open communication, and curious listening.”